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Introducing CRT 108: contacts

As you begin to use this room, familarize yourself with the L&S IT Office website.

If you need to request lab support for CRT 108, go to Requesting Lab Support. Although this support will not be immediate, L&S IT is making every effort to respond quickly to support requests.

English Department CRT 108 contact: Anne Wysocki: awysocki@uwm.edu

Room scheduling: Kristi Prins: kkprins@uwm.edu

L&S IT: Dan Siercks: dsiercks@uwm.edu

L&S CRT 108 English Department contact: Eric Adams: edod@uwm.edu

Introducing CRT 108: room setup

108 is furnished with rectangular tables on casters that can be configured as a conference table, in pods, and in individual workspaces. The room also has chairs on casters, making this room easily configurable for seminar-style discussion, working individually or in pairs in a “lab” setup, or lining tables and chairs around the room to leave open space in the middle of the room. There are whiteboards on two walls.

Because of the mobile nature of the furniture, it is possible that the room will not be configured in the way you’d like when your class meets; have your students join you in reconfiguring the room in the way you’d like to use it for your class.

Introducing CRT 108: use of laptop cart & laptops

The laptop cart is for secure storage and charging of the laptops. In order for the computers to charge, the laptop cart must be plugged into a wall outlet. Laptops not in use should be stored and plugged in for recharging.

There are 26 13″ MacBooks laptops in the cart, enough for one instructor and 25 students.

There are electrical cords in a box in the cart for plugging the computers into the wall sockets, should you need to.

Although the laptops may be used by the group coming in after yours, please allow a few minutes at the end of a class for you and your students to replace and plug laptops into the laptop cart.

Introducing CRT 108: room security

If another class or meeting is scheduled for 108 after your class or meeting, please stay in the room to hand it off to the next group. This helps ensure the security of very expensive technology that would be very difficult to replace.

Introducing CRT 108: keys

Instructors scheduled to teach regularly in 108 are issued keys to the room and red padlocks on the laptop cart, as well as the code to the lockbox (or “realty box”) attached to the projector cart that houses the projector cart key.

If you reserve the room for a drop-in session, you can check out the room key from the front office on the 4th floor of Curtin. The laptop cart padlock key can be checked out from the L&S IT office in Curtin B85. Please get the lock code from Kristi (kkprins@uwm.edu) if you will be using the projector cart.

Introducing CRT 108: scheduling and flexibility

Scheduling runs through the Room 108 graduate assistant, Kristi Prins (me). In order to schedule your class for one or a series of drop-in sessions throughout the semester, or for a meeting or event, please contact me at kkprins@uwm.edu with the dates and times you’d like to schedule.

Please allow three weeks’ lead time for scheduling. The week’s schedule for the room will be posted on the door each Monday.

The dream for 108 is that it be an open, flexible space for as many people to enjoy as possible. In that spirit, while some classes are assigned to 108 for each semester, these classes are invited to swap classrooms with others to facilitate drop-in sessions. Instructors assigned to 108 will be given three weeks’ notice regarding room requests during their class meetings.

Hello, world!

Welcome to Technology and Pedagogy (and Teaching English at UWM). This blog is meant to be a resource for English instructors at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee who are interested in digital technologies.

Specifically, “TechPed,” as the WordPress address appears, is starting as a resource to Curtin 108, a modular digital classroom. Here you’ll soon find brass-tacks information about things like scheduling the room and finding the “On” switch for the projector, as well as broader posts about pedagogical issues surrounding the use of digital technologies in English classes.

If there are any topics you’d like to see covered here, let us know. That’s the power of the Internet!

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