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gaming, world building and narrative

Interested in using gaming theory to shape your classes and web 2.0 technologies in your classes?

On Thursday, April 21, Trent Hergenrader will discuss his experiences teaching English 236: Intro Topics in Creative Writing: Gaming, World Building, and Narrative this spring.

The course was divided into three roughly equal sections:

  • discussing post-apocalyptic narratives across media (short stories, films, and the video game Fallout 3)
  • using a wiki to collaboratively create a fictional post-apocalyptic world
  • tabletop role-playing sessions where students explored this fictional world as player-characters and wrote stories about their characters’ experiences.

Trent will talk about the pedagogical theories behind this approach, the successes and challenges in using gaming theory, and exciting new narrative possibilities afforded by Web 2.0 technologies.

Feel free to take a sneak peak at the course wiki and a Google map of post-apocalyptic Milwaukee, which Trent will reference during the talk.

Digital creative writing practice and pedagogy workshops

This semester’s workshops focus on digital creative writing practice and pedagogy. Here’s the schedule:

  • The first workshop (11/5) looks at a wide range of fiction/creative non-fiction/poetry in all-digital formats.
  • The second workshop (11/19) teaches participants to use Prezi, an easy-to-learn (as in 10 minutes) application, from a creative writing perspective. (Remember our Prezi workshop from last year?)
  • The third workshop (12/3) is about sharing ideas developing together some flexible ideas for digital assignments in English 233: Introduction to Creative Writing.

These workshops are held from 11:00 am – 12:30 pm in Curtin 108. See you there!

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