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Rachael Sullivan’s iMovie workshop was fantastic! Although she prepared the workshop for iMovie 09 (per the loaner computer from L&S IT that was supposed to mirror the computers in CRT 108), the room actually has iMovie 08. Details…

In spite of this, we got a great introduction to the general layout and workings of iMovie, learning basic skills that could transfer to all versions of iMovie. Here are the topics we covered:

  • the iMovie interface
  • importing video
  • editing video
  • using the yellow selector box
  • using the Edit tool
  • the Clip Trimmer (called Trim Clip in iMovie 08)
  • the Precision Editor (iMovie 09 only)
  • splitting clips
  • adding transitions
  • changing the speed of a clip (iMovie 09 only)
  • adding still images
  • adding text
  • adding and editing audio
  • crediting sources and choosing a license
  • exporting the video
  • iMovie 09 advanced features (we can dream, right?)
  • iMovie resources

You can download the iMovie basics handout to see exactly what we covered during the workshop. It includes lots of screen captures that any first-time iMovie users could follow to create their first video—but remember, the handout is written for iMovie 09. Feel free to distribute it to students, or email Rachael for the editable file (sulliv97 [at] uwm.edu). Thanks to everyone who attended the workshop!

And for those who are interested, here are some of the resources and links that Rachael has gathered over the years. (She credits Ken Stone for his excellent iMovie guide, from which she adapted a few screen captures and some instructions for my own handout.)

Material Licensed for Remixing

Video footage

Prelinger Archive


FreePlay Music



Free Sound (just sound, no music)

Stock Music for Educators


Flickr (go to Search > Advanced Search > Creative Commons)

Possible Assignments, Student Samples, etc.

Bill Wolffʼs gallery of student videos

Bill Wolffʼs “the one” assignment

iMovie Public Service Announcement (PSA) assignment

Using iMovie to Talk about Tragedy

Madeline Sorapure’s “Between Modes: Assessing Student New Media Compositions

Fair Use regulations for educators

Know about more resources? Put them in the comments!

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