Scheduling runs through the CRT 108/118 graduate assistant, Trent Hergenrader.

The dream for theses room is that they be open, flexible spaces for as many people to enjoy as possible. In that spirit, while some classes are assigned to 108 and 118, instructors are invited to swap classrooms with others to facilitate drop-in sessions.

To schedule your class for one or a series of drop-in sessions throughout the semester, or for a meeting or event, please first check the room calendars below to see if there are any regular classes during the times you want. If the room appears to be free, contact Trent Hergenrader at wth@uwm.edu with the dates and times you’d like to schedule. If there is a class in the room at the time you want, email that instructor to request a swap. If you do not know the instructor’s email address, let Trent know. Please allow two or three weeks’ lead time for scheduling, but especially if a swap is required. Note that even if there is no regularly scheduled class in the room, there may be a special event or meeting that does not appear on the calendars below. Please email Trent to schedule the room and avoid conflicts with other instructors.

If no computer room is available on the day you need, you can try to reserve a computer lab in another location on campus. These links might help:



The rooms’ weekly schedules are also posted each Monday in the glass case outside of 108.

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